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Additional Info

There’s more to be seen and read about the Jacobs Wind Electric Company. Here are some additional photos, movies, and documents.


This slideshow contains the images you saw during this brief history along with many more. Check back to find additonal updates and visit our photostream here.


Letters, articles and reports from or related to Jacobs Wind. All of which are in the form of Adobe PDF documents.

NASA Documents

During the 1970s, NASA and the DOE began looking into alternative energies and did extensive research into different methods. Part of their research involved bringing in pioneers of wind power from the 1930s era to talk about their experience during the NASA-Lewis Wind Energy Workshop in December of 1973. These documents reference this research and additional info collected through 1995. They are relatively large (50 to 130 pages with file sizes of 3 to 9 MB) so it would be advisable to download the document (by right clicking and selecting “save link as”) if you wish to view it.


Marcellus Jacobs was interviewed and filmed talking to some fair goers at the 1981 Minnesota State Fair. The following clip is taken from that footage.

The Jacobs “Wonder” Blower, pictured earlier in this history, has survived to this day and continues to run. Here are a couple clips of one starting up and running after the video’s poster “literally dug it out from under a pine tree 2 hours earlier”.

Starting up, running….

…and running some more. Notice the plate on the back at the end of the clip.

Visit our YouTube channel for more video clips.

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