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Looking Back at the History of ‘Green’ Entrepreneurs

Posted on by Steve Jacobs

In the 1920s – 1950s when wind energy first really sprang up, there were no ‘green’ incentives for the development of wind energy. The environment wasn’t of any concern, in fact the contrary was true: the concern centered on man surviving the environment, not the other way around. There were no government incentives for the development of technology either, again it was quite the opposite and factors like Rural Electrification had an adverse effect (at the time) on the industry. If you’ve read through the Brief History of Jacobs Wind Electric on this website, this is all an old story.

For a more comprehensive look at this history you don’t need to take our word for it. Here’s a post by Sean Silverthorne from the Harvard Business School aptly titled:

The Untold Story of ‘Green’ Entrepreneurs

This article touches on the early entrepreneurs, some of their motives, and what they faced. It also looks forward into the industry today and makes some interesting points on current incentives and geographical hot spots of development.

For even more on this topic look to Historical Trajectories and Corporate Competencies in Wind Energy by Geoffery Jones and Loubna Bouamane. This paper takes a deeper look into the business history of wind energy on an international level from the 1920s to present day. For a rounded explanation of strengths and, ultimately, faults in the U.S. based wind industry and how it matches up with the global market this is a necessary read.

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